What does ‘server colocation’ mean?

The process of hosting an organization’s computing, storage, networking, and security hardware in a purpose-built data center owned and maintained by a partner is known as “server colocation.”

The server remains the client’s property, but it is maintained, managed, and monitored by the MSP(Managed Service Provider) or cloud service provider in server colocation. The primary objective of server colocation is to take advantage of improved IT support services on critical IT infrastructure/servers without incurring high operational costs.

Using a data center eliminates the requirement for your company to invest money and resources in server storage on its premises. You place your existing equipment in pre-built racks, and the data center takes care of the rest. 

The Impact of Single Server Colocation for Small Businesses

Safeguarding your data is one of many responsibilities that come with operating a small business. Single server colocation is the ideal option to protect your data if your company only has one or a few servers that house it. As the name “server colocation” implies, a single server is a single physical server kept in a data center on a rack alongside several other servers belonging to various corporations and individuals.

Our company, UnitedLayer, delivers value to small businesses along with the reliability of 100% uptime of services. We provide several flexibility options, including on-demand scalability in server colocation, so that a client can start with our most basic plan and expand as their business grows.

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Why Use Single Server Colocation?

There are numerous advantages of using single server colocation or a small number of servers owned by a company. While a business can run its server, the services provided by a data center are unrivaled. A data center will not only save you money by eliminating hidden expenditures, but it will also offer you the necessary infrastructure, backup power, synchronous internet, regular maintenance, security, IT professionals, and space for your company to grow.

  • Uptime: Data centers ensure a 100% uptime for your small business by monitoring and managing power, cooling, and internet connections. Finding a reputable data center such as UnitedLayer with a proven track record of reliability is vital to saving your company’s bottom line.
  • Security: Physical and cyber-threats can endanger your small business and its server. In the event of a fire, flood, or theft, colocating your single server to a data center secures it away from your core location. Single servers are kept in lockable server racks with limited access to those who can open them and are monitored by external and internal CCTV cameras 24/7/365.
  • Cost: Every company, especially a small one, strives to reduce costs and increase profit margins. You’ll be able to focus and use your important time doing what you do best if you leave Server hosting and  management to the professionals.
  • Growth: Expansion of your own data center might be expensive as your company grows. To house more servers, you’ll need to employ a contractor, purchase additional space, or construct space in your existing building. Not only that, but if you add extra security and power, your cost sheets will skyrocket.

When a company uses a colocation solution, it saves money on growth expenses. Data centers are designed to hold a large number of servers at once. Therefore there is plenty of capacity for your organization to expand and thrive.

About UnitedLayer

UnitedLayer provides highly secure and redundant server colocation services with 100% uptime availability from one of the largest data centers in San Francisco, USA, at 200 Paul Ave. We also have cloud connectivity with all the major public cloud providers through 300+ carrier network providers. Our long list of managed services enables enterprises to modernize their infrastructure and improve their responsiveness, resource utilization, scalability, and agility resulting in better customer experience and faster time to market.

Is your business in need of managed server colocation services? By creating custom plans and quotes, we will work with you to give the best colocation solution. 

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