The company’s culture is one thing that we live and breathe every single day. We, at UnitedLayer, believe in the core values of the company. We endeavor to create a collaborative work culture where employees are encouraged to share innovative ideas. We provide our employees with a plethora of opportunities to shine and learn something new daily.

We have a team of smart, creative, passionate professionals who are always learning and teaching. Our culture is one that celebrates, motivates, and supports our employees. We are focused on the “Problems are Opportunities” philosophy. The company has institutionalized a meritocracy culture and offers employee development programs powered by innovation labs.

One of the perks of working with UnitedLayer is exposure. Our employees experience the global exposure of working with top technology companies and brands across the globe. With a team of seasoned professionals, the employees get to work with senior management and the firsthand exposure to mentorship. Our work culture is based on the notion of equality and diversity in providing a fair playing ground for all employees.

“Fail First and Move Fast.” That our mantra!

Innovation is encouraged in every department. We offer a long term engaging career and gamification and recreational activities to drive employee motivation and spirit. Employee satisfaction begins with creating a supportive and comprehensive environment where every employee feels welcome. We at UnitedLayer aspire to be an organization that ensures all its employees’ wellbeing and is always pushed to learn and develop new skills continuously.

As such, we’ve created a culture where people feel empowered to make a difference; where we’re passionate about innovation and collaboration. UnitedLayer employs thousands of innovators across the United States and several countries worldwide, including Canada, Russia, India, and more! We’re incredibly proud that as we’ve grown, our culture has remained steadfast.

Broaden your horizons by joining our team of professionals and get a chance to grow in a healthy environment that enhances your skills and challenges your abilities in multiple areas. Visit today!

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