On Tuesday, March 8, 2022, the entire world witnessed their favorite music app: Spotify, unresponsive. It was not a mere internet connection error but a major outage that inconvenienced the global music enthusiasts. This outage logged users out of their accounts without the ability to log in again or reset the password. It appeared to occur sometime around 1:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Data from downdetector.co.uk suggested that more than 72,000 problematic reports came in with the music streaming service in just an hour. For tracks that have already been synchronized with a user’s Android or iOS device, the issue does not occur. Whereas users who try to play any music they’ve recently played on the app are experiencing a persistent outage.

Spotify users were logged out and prompted to log in. Upon entering the user’s email address, the music streaming platform didn’t recognize the email address associated with the account. According to a few sources, the issue raised was majorly due to mismanagement of traffic handling on servers they are hosted on. What could Spotify have done to overcome this issue?

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After numerous reports, finally, Spotify tweeted.

As per the CEO of Cloudflare, the online outage that affected Spotify, Discord, Wikipedia, and other Internet companies appeared to be a Google Cloud malfunction.

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