One Wilshire Building Data Center, LA: The Most Connected Data Center In Southern California

One Wilshire Building Data Center, LA: The Most Connected Data Center In Southern California

The main objective of any business is to focus on activities that can help them grow their business and execute their operations optimally. Such businesses choose to focus their IT resources on enhancing and supporting their operations. Maintaining and managing a data center requires dedicated resources and efforts that do not directly contribute to the business. 

So what do you need to look for?

Some of the most important factors in picking the right colocation provider for your business are assessing whether the provider has data centers in the right location and the level of physical security they provide. Additionally, the power density provided by the colocation service provider can help support and ensure it is well equipped to support the growth and scalability requirements of your business. The provider needs to ensure that its data centers are fully compliant. It is essential that your business has access to the right availability and uptime agreements to ensure that no unscheduled downtimes affect your business’s reputation. 

UnitedLayer’s One Wilshire Building Data Center is located in Los Angeles, CA, USA. It has got 87 data centers locations within 50 miles of the facility. One Wilshire Building Data Center is the most interconnected building in North America. UnitedLayer helps companies create a more efficient IT architecture with access to your choice of hundreds of providers. With UnitedConnect®, companies can reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

Our data centers provide redundant, 24-hour cooling operation with an N+1 cooling system along with a dual-interlock, dry-pipe pre-action fire suppression system. UnitedLayer helps you comply with nearly all data sovereignty and data protection laws applicable to your business in any market globally, including the CCPA, HIPAA, and GDPR. Our managed services offerings, such as the Remote Hands and Smart Hands Service, offers Inventory Audit and Fiber Circuit Installation. It helps monitor, alert, and assess workloads that can identify potential hardware failures before they result in downtime, ensuring that your data center is consistently optimized and agile.

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Why location is important when choosing a Data Center?

Why location is important when choosing a Data Center?

Why location is important when choosing a Data Center?

Why location is important when choosing a Data Center?

By: Chad M. Cunningham

Why do businesses opt for a Colocation data center?

Around the world, businesses are adopting digital transformation strategies to create a better customer experience and improved efficiency. In order to cope with the resulting rapid increase of data and bandwidth requirements from various digital technologies, more and more businesses- across all industries- are shifting data centers outside their organization, unlocking benefits such as infrastructure flexibility, better disaster recovery, improved security, ease of access to public cloud operators and an overall total lower cost.

Which Colocation partner should I choose?

With the ever-increasing complexity and capacity challenges, more and more organizations are moving towards colocation solutions rather than investing in an in-house data center- although the biggest challenge for many organizations has become “Which partner do I choose?” and most importantly “Where are their data centers located?”

The location should be the primary factor

When choosing a colocation partner, the location of their data centers is usually the primary factor that will influence your decision. A good choice of location means optimized infrastructure, better connectivity, and improved business continuity. On the flip side, a poor location can result in unstable connections and efficiency problems.

A colocation data center should be in an area that is seismically rated for protection against earthquakes and should be as safe as possible from any man-made disasters. So even if an incident occurs in your organization’s offices your critical infrastructure remains unaffected and operational.

Customers can add additional storage, compute, and networking resources with just a click of a button, and it will be up and running in 15 mins rather than the months typically required for traditional infrastructure design, procurement, installation, and turn-up.

Should location be the only factor while selecting a colocation partner?

The answer, in short, is no. When choosing a colocation data center provider, organizations should consider many other factors, including connectivity, reputation, support, services, and cost. But it is certainly true that location is one of the most important factors among all others, it is because the location has an impact on many of the other factors which are crucial to data center success.

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