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UnitedLayer announces 2007 corporate goals

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 10, 2007 – UnitedLayer is pleased to announce 2007 corporate goals

After closing out a record 2006, UnitedLayer is poised to have a banner year and is ready to put forth its corporate goals.

One of UnitedLayer’s primary objectives this year is to increase our transparency so as to provide a complete window into how UnitedLayer operates – this is a huge strategic and competitive differentiator in this IP transit, colocation and managed infrastructure segment for customers have been eager to see what is behind the curtains

“Part of our strategic emphasis this year, will be to grow the both organic methods and acquisitions. ‘Layer’ on top of that the need to focus on customer support thru transparency and you’ve pretty much outlined our 2007 go to market plan”, says Richard Donaldson, VP Sales, Marketing & Development, UnitedLayer.

UnitedLayer is building a brand that will be summarized through a to be announced pledge to our clients and community, this ‘oath’ will serve as the brand foundation and will represent UnitedLayer’s fundamental operating paradigm.

UnitedLayer’s goals will be to continue to focus on IP Transit growth, managed colocation growth and managed infrastructure growth – servers, switches and routers.

“We feel pretty strongly that our business is an execution business. If can do what we set out to do, we will be successful. If we can do what we set out to do and engender a very trustworthy brand, we will be really successful” said Arman Khalili, CEO UnitedLayer.

About UnitedLayer

UnitedLayer, Inc. is a North American internet enabler through offering a suite of internet infrastructure services including: fully managed bandwidth, managed colocation and managed hardware services in multiple datacenters strategically located throughout North America. UnitedLayer provides a single vendor, customer focused suite of established, best-practice internet infrastructure services that enables our customer-partners to realize their internet business goals all backed by a team of recognized industry experts.


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