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UnitedLayer, LLC. (UL-LLC), a leading San Francisco Bay Area Internet Infrastructure company, today unveiled that it has expanded its data center and network operations into 200Paul Street XO Data Center in San Francisco. UL is leveraging over 11 years of experience in the IP industry Services to build a state of the art regional Network into its existing and operational 200 Paul infrastructure.

UL expansion includes a private cage consisting of 25 cabinets with expansion capability of up to 100 cabinets. Part of its data center expansion UL has added dual Redundant Dark Fiber Rings that connects 200 Paul 5th and 2nd floors to its other data carrier neutral data centers 60 Federal Street, 365 Main and 1019 Mission Street facility. This expansion also includes the completion of the dual Cisco 12000 series routers at 200 Paul Street. This expansion enables UL to offer Layer 2 VLAN and Layer 3 IP services to all clients located in any of the data centers that UL maintains a presence. With this expansion UL is the only company that can provide Layer 2/3 services between the most important carrier neutral Data Centers in the SF Bay Area, namely 200 Paul and 365 Main.

“We believe that XO?s facility at 200Paul is one of the best data center in the west coast. 200 Paul is one of the few buildings that has a dual 12000 Amps 480V 3 Phase Power feed from the power company, PG&E. The facility was designed with N+2 up time and includes a row of 2 MW generators, multiple 300KVA UPSes, up to 120 BTU of HVAC. We are thrilled to have expanded our data center operations in the most important carrier neutral facility in northern California” said Arman Khalili, CEO/Founder, UnitedLayer, LLC, “We now can offer VLAN and IP services starting at 2 Mbps up to 2 Gbps of bandwidth. The UL backbone rivals that of Large Telecommunication companies. UL controls dark fiber, Wave Lengths and Wireless based connectivity within the city of San Francisco and leases wavelengths when cost effective for long haul circuits including SONET services.”

“The expansion is part of our continued efforts to improve our network, data center operations and our services. Starting in Q1 2005 UL will expand its network to the east coast for peering and better network connectivity. We believe that long term success in the IP industry is only achievable through excellent and honest customer service, reliable network and great team work” said Tim Pozar, COO, UnitedLayer, LLC.

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