The advent of cloud computing turned digital economics around, optimizing, enhancing, and building a strong foundation for enterprise applications. Software as a Service routes all of the enterprise data inbound and outbound email and web traffic through a provider’s network of high-performance data centers. The responsibility of the provider is then to scan, test, and then, quarantine, or forward the traffic using the infrastructure that few businesses can afford on their own. Multi-Layer Security makes sense for enterprise cloud solution providers, for one primary reason, which is cost. Cloud providers can distribute the costs of infrastructure, bandwidth, and expertise across clients.

Cybersecurity is a major concern for enterprises dealing with cloud resources. Cloud technology has received a significant boost by application-wide technological upgrades, silicon, and edge cloud. Gartner Analysts have studied the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic and the revolution it is bringing about in the business world. From accelerated digitalization of business processes, endpoint mobility, and expansion of cloud computing in several organizations. It has revealed legacy thinking and technologies adopted by enterprises. Security is no longer just a part of compliance and legal requirements, it is now an increasingly influential, defined discipline of its own that impacts almost all aspects of an organization. The point of contention is then to assess how to go about bringing this assimilation.

What is a Multi-Layer Security System?

A multi-layer security system is one that is implemented across multiple operational layers, using several layers of security provisions to shield components at every level. It provides a certain defensive depth that can be used to mitigate threats, delay, or prevent threats overall. So, why is multi-layer security the right way to protect and shield enterprise applications?

The fact is that the current web environment encourages and rewards blended attacks, that is multi-pronged threats against their targets, most of which have heavy financial implications. The only chance of stopping these multi-pronged attacks is to ensure that enterprises set up efficient and coordinated defenses that work across multiple protocols and applications. Layered security strategies are the only way to combat the current cyber threat landscape effectively. Rather than merely waiting for attacks to hit endpoints, layered Security takes a holistic view of cyber defense, accounting for the multitude of vectors by which modern malware is delivered and recognizing the importance of network and end user-level Security.

Criminals are efficient in their approach to blended attacks, in order to get their malicious software installed and persistent on business computers, they take steps such as mixing and matching adware, spyware, viruses, and any other information that they can scrape from social networks, and so on. Enterprises cannot block blended attacks by blocking every channel used by attackers without sealing off their business from the outside world.

UnitedLayer’s Security as a Service, a security management solution enables you to proactively identify, respond, and mitigate any security threats against your IT infrastructure. Our cutting-edge security solutions protect client infrastructure from any external security threats. We provide IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, IDS/IPS services for secured access to cloud infrastructure along with DoS/DDoS protection against all types of network attacks and threats. With application penetration tests or ethical hacking, we help organizations identify the security vulnerabilities present in the application. Our secure code analysis enables organizations to verify that proper security controls are present in the application.

It’s essential to find an enterprise cloud provider who can offer the transparency to let businesses evaluate their protection, and the accountability to stand behind their promises and claims. Multi-layer Security not only makes sense in the cloud but is the need of the hour.

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