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World IPv6 Day — Just Another Day for San Francisco IT Infrastructure Provider UnitedLayer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA June 4, 2012 — UnitedLayer had the foresight five years ago to better serve clients by implementing IPv6 across its network backbone and supporting systems.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world are coming together to permanently enable IPv6 by June 6, 2012. IPv6 is the successor to the current Internet Protocol IPv4 and is critical to the Internet’s continued growth and success. As IPv4 addresses become increasingly scarce, every segment of the industry must act quickly to accelerate adoption of IPv6. Companies participating in World IPv6 Day are leading the way in this effort.\

For UnitedLayer, however, World IPv6 Day is just another day because it had the foresight five years ago to implement IPv6 and is now operating well over the industry goal to have 1% of customers utilizing it. UnitedLayer hit this goal a year ago; IPv6 is part of its daily business processes. As a result, UnitedLayer’s customers with colocation, managed services, cloud services and business continuity solutions will continue to experience high performance connectivity during the world-wide transition to IPv6.

“As a provider of IP transit service, we planned for this five years ago to better serve our customers. Four years ago, we implemented IPv6 across our backbone. Every part of our implementation process and supporting tools from sales to operations to account management and customer care include IPv6 as a standard. As a result, our customers will not have the complications other companies are experiencing. It is the fiduciary responsibility of the C-suite of today’s companies to educate themselves if they haven’t already, and partner with their engineers to understand the impact and implications of IPv6.” – Aaron Hughes, Chief Network Architect, UnitedLayer

About UnitedLayer

UnitedLayer, LLC is a premier IT infrastructure provider serving enterprise clients. UnitedLayer offers colocation, managed services, private clouds and business continuity solutions out of San
Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Ashburn and Toronto. UnitedLayer is known for its world-class, SSAE 16-certified, fully redundant datacenter facilities with extreme connectivity as well as its ability to deploy and manage comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions. UnitedLayer is headquartered at 200 Paul in San Francisco, one of the most networked Internet points of presence in the world. UnitedLayer operates a dual-stacked, high-performance, nationwide IPv4/IPv6 network backbone, and all services are backed by high-touch 24/7/365 support. UnitedLayer was acquired in 2010 by the private equity group Accelon Capital.

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