Case Study


A Highly Customizable And Compliant Colocation Infrastructure for Government Customers in The US

The Client is a provider of cloud service integrations & solutions to government organizations in the US.


  • The Customer was in search of a cost-effective yet highly customer-focused colocation service provider in San Francisco
  • They needed high-density server racks and required high availability, scalability, and security options across global data centers with near-to-zero downtime
  • They needed a colocation and cloud service provider for government bodies to adhere to global standards and compliance
  • Customized contracts that are easy to renew and flexible user contracts that align with the customer’s terms and conditions 
  • Since the client serves government customers, it required the safest place in the bay area that is tolerant against any disasters.  

Solutions Delivered

Tier 3+ Data Center For Colocation

UnitedLayer provided 6 cabinets with a customized network and high-density power options in a caged environment for government clients and 2 cabinets separately for non-government clients of the customer.

Also delivered relevant infrastructure compliance regulation reports to the customer like SOC 1, SOC 2, SSAE, PCI DSS, etc., and designed flexible & easy-to-renew contract terms on mutual agreements.

Sustainable & Secure Data Center Infrastructure

UnitedLayer delivered sustainable power and bio-fuel-led backup infrastructures along with UPS to support the deployment of high-density hardware and enhance the data center’s sustainability. The average PUE ratio of the infrastructure provided is around 1.2  

Remote Data Center Management

UnitedLayer offered an in-house developed DCIM tool (UnityOneCloud) to manage, monitor, and visualize the complete IT infrastructure from a single dashboard.

Data Center Security 

UnitedLayer delivered multilayered security solutions with 8 layers of physical & 10 layers of virtual security standards.

Customer Benefits

Reduced CAPEX and OPEX spending with the help of UnitedLayer’s cost-effective colocation solution and UnityOneCloud’s cost calculator

Successfully adhered to norms and compliances laid by governments bodies with multilayered physical and virtual security

The Customer was able to analyze the global IT infrastructure carbon footprint and achieve data center sustainability

Integration of UnityOneCloud helped them minimize their efforts in managing and monitoring physical data center infrastructure

Customer Support


Govt. Compliant Infrastructure

Layers Of Physical Security

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