Case Study

Software Testing

Provided An Infrastructure Platform Of Different VMs, Operating Systems, Android devices, IOS and Mac Devices For Testing Sophisticated Applications

The client is one of the leading global providers of integrated software testing platforms that supports cross-browser testing across 3000+ browsers, devices, and OS.   

The Challenges

  • Required a one-stop IaaS provider of different VMs, Operating Systems, Mac devices, Apple devices, and Android devices to build its own cloud that facilitates software testing for its clients.
  • Faced challenges in managing different devices available in the client’s global IT infrastructure
  • Required a low latency network infrastructure that offers a high network flow rate and bandwidth
  • Wanted a single data center solution ensuring low latency with autoscaling and reconfiguration capabilities
  • Needed a reliable IaaS provider with global reach and 24×7 support to ensure timely delivery

Solutions Delivered

Built & Deployed Cloud-based Application Testing Labs Globally

UnitedLayer built and deployed cloud-based application testing platform for testing applications across different OS types, devices, and virtual machines with different configurations (windows, Linux, Mac OS, Ubuntu, etc.)

Also, delivered Mac mini, Mac Pro, and Mobile devices (Android and Apple) as a seamless service to support multiple test environments.

Low Latency Robust Network Connectivity

Configured a network connectivity architecture for their newly deployed VMs and devices.

UnitedLayer’s experts developed algorithms to support autoscaling and reconfiguration of infrastructure.

Unified Management Platform

Delivered a unified platform using UnityOneCloud that helped manage, monitor, and visualize different infrastructure environments like colocation, public cloud, private cloud, bare-metal, Mac mini, and mobile devices with a single pane of glass.

Customer Benefits

Reduced the customer’s dependency on multiple service providers for infrastructure

Unified platform helped the customer to reduce their spending on infrastructure management and monitoring

Solution delivered within weeks and helped them scale globally in a short time

Qualified frameworks to support deployment, security, and integration requirements of software testing platforms


Cost Savings



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