Dedicated Servers vs. Cloud Servers

Are you unsure about your cloud computing and dedicated hosting options for your application or website? Here is a definition of each, as well as a comparison of their differences.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are set up to provide performance, security, and control comparable to dedicated servers. Instead of being hosted on dedicated physical hardware, they’re hosted in a shared “virtualized” network run by your cloud storage company. You take advantage of the economies of scale that come from sharing hardware with other customers. You also only pay for the amount of server space you use. Cloud servers also allow you to scale resources up or down based on demand, so you don’t have to pay for infrastructure that isn’t being used.

Cloud servers allow you to improve IT efficiency without incurring the high costs of buying and maintaining entirely dedicated infrastructure. Cloud servers are also the right choice for businesses with varying demands and workloads.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are actual servers that are bought or rented solely to serve your company’s needs. Large companies and organizations that need incredibly high standards of data security and organizations with consistent, increased demands for server space usually use dedicated servers.

Businesses also need IT capacity and expertise to handle ongoing repairs, patches, and enhancements, even with dedicated servers. Companies that use I/O-intensive technologies like databases and big data systems benefit significantly from bare metal dedicated hardware.


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