Most Trusted Colocation Solutions Provider 2020 – California

UnitedLayer provides Colocation services from one of the largest data centers in San Francisco located at 200 Paul Ave. This is the only data center in San Francisco which is built on solid bedrock.

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Most Trusted Colocation Solutions Provider

2020 by Corporate Vision

UnitedLayer’s San Francisco Tier 3+ data center at 200 Paul Avenue has been positioned as one of the Most Trusted Colocation Solutions Providers 2020, California by The Corporate Vision Magazine. We provide colocation services from one of the largest and most connected data centers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The only data center in San Francisco built on bedrock, has robust Zone 4 construction, and is not in a 1000 year flood plain. Along with San Francisco, we operate from our data centers located in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

UnitedLayer offers a wide range of leading product offerings in the data center colocation market to enable real-world high-performance hybrid cloud configurations with its UnitedEdge, UnitedColocation, and Multicloud Data Center platform.

We provide an industry-leading data center and Multicloud management platform. The Multicloud Data Center Platform enables comprehensive remote management of data centers, including power distribution units, bare-metal, network devices, virtual machines, containers, service mesh, serverless, and private and public clouds.

From developing a holistic cloud strategy to implementing and managing robust cloud environments, our UnitedLayer specialists are dedicated to providing managed cloud services to deliver top-of-the-line business uptime, reliability, and continuity. UnitedLayer hosts enterprise customers across multiple industry verticals (TMT, Oil & Gas, Technology, Healthcare, BFSI, Government, and Logistics) and partners with its clients to help them achieve their real-world business objectives.

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