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Multicloud Management Data Center Modernization Platform

Your journey to becoming a cloud native is simpler than you think. We offer an enterprise-grade performance multicloud management platform to overcome growth challenges without a hitch.

Every organization is under pressure to provide services with the highest accuracy and speed and the lowest cost across multicloud management platforms. Across a spectrum of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid IT services, we make it simple to streamline service delivery and fulfill customer demands.

Our Software-Defined Multicloud Management Data Center Platform is a managed cloud platform that converts any data center into a modern hybrid cloud and multicloud data center. On-demand scalability into private and public cloud resources, on-demand connectivity into carriers, private, and public clouds with UnitedConnect®.

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Organizations embracing multicloud connectivity can achieve lower downtime for critical services.  

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Organizations implementing a multicloud management strategy can raise the bar on security as well.

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Organizations can deliver a seamless service experience across multicloud management platforms by automating diverse workflows across multicloud and software-defined infrastructures.

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One of the most critical features of multicloud management is that an organization does not grow reliant on a single cloud provider’s services, infrastructure, or pricing model.

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Multicloud management is beneficial as companies get the flexibility to choose the cloud services that best fulfill their demands at best possible value.

Value Add

In terms of services, we have created an enterprise marketplace where solutions like firewalls, load balancers, security devices, and databases can be acquired and configured with just a single click. It is remarkable in the private cloud space where we configure all the enterprise’s popular applications and services and make them available in an online secure private marketplace.

We provide a dedicated virtual data center that allows enterprises to manage their private cloud fully. It comes with our enterprise-class support, which has a 15-minute response time and experts available 365 days round the clock to provide support for any issue.

Security & Compliance

Advanced Security Management (per VM) includes options such as Host Based Intrusion Detection, File Integrity Monitoring, Malware Protection, Vulnerability Scanning and Security Log Management (1G).

To protect the enterprise’s business from disaster, breakdown of information technology and operator error, our Disaster Recovery solutions deliver customizable active-active and active-passive solutions for business continuity with sub-one-minute Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). It enables enterprises to become resilient to failure mechanisms and continue to serve their customers without interruption.

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