On-Demand Private Cloud

On-Demand (VM, vRAM, vCPU) Private Cloud that can be installed in any data center to provide highly-performance optimized (compute and storage) and high availability on the edge next to your workload with 99.999% guaranteed service availability at 30% more cost-effectiveness as compared to leading public clouds.

On-Demand Compute

Get On-Demand Compute for any private cloud configuration e.g. VMware ESX 6.7 with High Availability provided in N+M Nodes Configuration.

Get DR Management for a protected VM with RPO 1 hour and RTO 4 hours (per VM).

CIS Hardening with continuous scanning and remediation (per Workstation Operating System) or (per Server/Network Device).

On-Demand Storage

Get On-Demand Storage for any private cloud configuration. We provide All-Flash Storage, Software-Defined High Availability Storage (Primary & Secondary Storage).

This solution comes with G3 Cloud enterprise performance storage, G3 cloud general capacity storage, primary G3 cloud backup storage, G3 cloud backup storage (GB) options powered by Enterprise Support (24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, management and 15-minute response).

On-Demand Networking

Get On-Demand bandwidth & resources allocations for any private cloud configuration that comes 100k IOPS and 10g/40g HA Network; 10/40G pipes to AWS backbone.

This solution comes with G3 Cloud Managed Virtual 100Mbps to 10 Gbps Firewall, Next-Gen Firewall 100Mbps to 1 Gbps, Next-Gen Firewall: (Threat (IDS, IPS) + URL + Advanced Malware) configuration options supported by 50Mbps to 8Gbps Load Balancer variation along with Managed SSL VPN Clients (P2S) or Managed Site to Site IPSEC VPN Tunnel (S2S) options as required by customers.

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