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200 Paul Avenue

The network density at 200 Paul Avenue makes it an ideal interconnection point for the entire west coast, providing connectivity to leading domestic and Asia Pacific carriers. The facility also provides access to leading cloud providers and local internet exchanges, ensuring high performance of hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

UnitedLayer’s 200 Paul Ave is one of the largest data centers in San Francisco built on a solid bedrock with Zone 4 construction (Membrane and Reinforced Concrete Decking) and is not in the earthquake, liquefaction, landslide zone, or 500-year flood plain.

With over 300+ carriers at our interconnection facility, access to 156+ peers, extremely low latency connections to all the major cloud service providers, enterprise data centers, and mission-critical edge locations make 200 Paul the ideal location for any colocation deployment.

UnitedLayer Colocation
200 Paul Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone: +1-888-853-7733

Facility Specs

UnitedLayer Colocation solution helps you remove the hassle and expense of conducting your data center when setting yourself up for a future in the cloud.

  • We have multiple peering platforms like Equinix 40g Switching fabric, SFMIX, AIMSX, Telx, etc.
  • UnitedConnect® provides on-demand Multicloud connectivity into AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • Provides UnityOneCloud, a single pane of glass to visualize, monitor, manage, and automate the colocation infrastructure remotely.
  • Seamless software-defined upgrade of the network from 1G to 20G.
  • Greater than N+1 architecture for uninterrupted power and cooling.
  • 365/24/7 Access and Support with 99.999% high-availability.
  • SOC I and SOC II compliant to assure security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and customer data privacy.
  • LEED Gold certified in green building strategies to support long term sustainability.

Available Services In San Francisco

Value Added Solutions

UnitedLayer delivers real-world high-performance hybrid cloud configurations with its UnitedEdge, UnitedColocation, On-Demand Private Cloud, and UnitedConnect suites.

Managed Services

We enable comprehensive managed services like Remote Hands, Smart Hands, Infrastructure Management, Network Management, Container Management, IT Estate Management, Database Management, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Migration, Cloud Connectivity, Data Privacy Management along with Security and Compliance.

Multicloud Data Center Platform

Our Software-Defined Multicloud Data Center Platform is a technology platform that converts any legacy data center into a modern hybrid cloud and multicloud data center.


The City & County of San Francisco

The City and County of San Francisco provide access to over 100 services online. Who do they rely on to ensure that their citizens have 24/7 access to these services? The answer is UnitedLayer.

Glacier Ybanez is the Manager of Data Center and Operations Support for the City and County of San Francisco. Watch while he tells his story about working with UnitedLayer for mission-critical hosting, security, and 100% uptime reliability.

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