Software-Defined Edge Cloud

UnitedEdge is a fully managed Edge Cloud Service that provides a connection to your private cloud and becomes a seamless extension to your on-prem private cloud. Seamlessly integrate your leading public cloud solutions like Amazon, Azure, Google into any hybrid cloud configurations such as Google Anthos and Amazon Outpost.

Setting up a private cloud in your data center or your location of choice at the edge where we can set up a software-defined private cloud with software-defined compute storage and network stacks for any virtual machines and containers as your private cloud which can be deployed in your data center or the edge location of your choice. It includes remote management and comes with a managed service. It also provides connectivity to your data centers, private clouds, and public clouds like Amazon, Azure, and Google.

Highly Available Edge Cloud Services

We provide a Software as a Service Solution (SaaS) that works on Low-Cost Commodity Hardware and delivers both High-Performance Virtual Machines and Containers as a Service. It delivers 99.999% availability provided that the customer’s data center infrastructure (power and cooling) is redundant.

Hybrid Cloud Edge

It comes pre-configured with SD-WAN Optimized HA Network and multicloud connectivity with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Google, and Azure. It also supports hybrid cloud service mesh topologies like GCP, Anthos, and AWS AppMesh and comes with remote management and 24×7 enterprise-grade support.

Cost Efficient Solutions

Edge cloud is built on Low-Cost Commodity Hardware which can be procured directly from leading Value-Added Reseller or our OEM partners.
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