"By the end of 2022, the number of enterprise network teams using a SaaS-based console to manage data center networks will increase by more than 10 times to over 1,500."


Experience Two Decades Of Experience In Managing Complex Hybrid Cloud Footprints Encapsulated In UnityOneCloud.

Get Observability Of Your Multicloud Mesh Services Using Istio,aws App Mesh, Google Anthos Using A Single Pane Of Glass

Comprehensive Data Center Management Remotely From The Comfort Of Your Home

Why UnityOneCloud?

Our UnityOneCloud solution is a SaaS Multicloud Management Platform for managing real hybrid cloud environments like data center cabinets, power distribution units (PDUs), bare-metal servers, networking devices, containers pods, mesh services, and serverless, across data centers, private clouds (VMware, Hyper-V, and OpenStack), and public clouds (AWS, GCP, and Azure). The customers get a seamless experience managing the entire hybrid cloud infrastructure using the integrated monitoring, visualization, management, auditing, and modern DevOps automation capabilities.


UnityOneCloud is the only platform in the world that deals with the data center to cloud management, which is very important for managing real-world hybrid clouds (>90% have data centers) and data center exit/modernization execution. It is a multi-year journey from data centers to cloud and needs co-management of data centers and clouds (private and public) during that process.

“Some outsourcers are struggling to delight their customers with the management and optimization of a hybrid IT infrastructure, and while this is only affecting a minority of workload (10%) and customers (25%) so far, this requirement is growing fast due to cloud-first initiatives, as confirmed by 65% of references.”

UnityOneCloud for Service Providers

Revenue Expansion

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Higher SLAs

Managed Service Delivery


Multicloud Footprint

Explore Real-World Hybrid Cloud Environments

UnityOneCloud is a multicloud management platform for managing your real hybrid cloud environment i.e. data centers, power distribution units (PDUs), bare-metal servers, networking devices, private clouds (VMware and OpenStack) and public clouds (AWS, GCP, and Azure).

Managing Real-World Hybrid Cloud Environments

UnityOneCloud enables true Software-Defined multicloud deployments across data centers, private clouds, and public clouds.

In terms of services, we have created an enterprise marketplace where solutions like firewalls, load balancers, security devices, and databases can be acquired and configured with just a single click. It comes with our enterprise-class support, which has a 15-minute response time and experts available 365 days round the clock to provide support for any issue.


Comprehensive real-time observability into your Data Centers and Multicloud Infrastructure through interactive widgets, utilization charts, and live status.

Make informed decisions on your multicloud resource allocation with real-time monitoring insights on your infrastructure device’s performance, utilization, and health. Create customizable monitoring dashboards as per your requirement.


A single pane of glass to manage your bare-metal servers, networking devices, private cloud (VMware, Hyper-V, and OpenStack), and public cloud (AWS, GCP, and Azure). Securely access all your physical/virtual assets and manage them in an auditable, repeatable, and systematic manner.

We provide private cloud widget (like VMware) and public cloud widget (like AWS, GCP, and Azure). It includes Mesh Service Managers (Traffic Director, Istio, AWS App Mesh) to manage your mesh service’s health.


Audit the activities on any device across your data centers, private clouds, and public clouds to comply with regulatory and audit requirements. Determine the ‘What, Who, and When’ for any actions on your infrastructure.


Manage your support activities across all your service providers, data centers, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructures. Get insights and analytics into your service provider’s support performance like “Time to Acknowledgement”, “Time to Resolution,” versus your SLAs.

UnityOneCloud Is Available In Two Flexible Model

SaaS UnityOneCloud

SaaS Multi-Tenant Hosted Application Enterprise UnityOneCloud.

Enterprise UnityOneCloud

Single-Tenant Enterprise Application installed on customer private network.

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