What is Auto Scaling?

Your cloud resources, such as a specified group of servers, will scale up or down automatically depending on your needs with auto-scaling.

You may set up auto-scaling to run on a set schedule, such as a sales weekend or event, or to scale automatically in response to unexpected spikes in customer traffic.

Auto-scaling is similar to load balancing and is also known as autoscaling (one word), automatic scaling, or automatic elasticity. Both maximize resource use, improve throughput, and reduce response time by distributing workloads through various computing resources such as computers, network connections, and central processing units.

Why Auto Scaling?

  1. Reducing Cloud Costs: You can reduce the total running costs by reducing resources during low traffic periods.
  2. Improved Performance: By having the right number of cloud resources at the right time, you will reduce latency and downtime.
  3. Focus on core business: Instead of manually reacting to web traffic changes, refocus your IT resources on your core sector.
  4. Better IT efficiency: During low traffic periods, auto-scaling helps you run non-time-sensitive workloads on available servers.



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