What is a Domain Name System (DNS)?

A Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet’s equivalent of a phone book. It keeps track of domain names (the portion of a website address after “www.”) and the long string of numbers (known as an “IP address”) associated with that website.

You’d have to type something like any time you wanted to go to a specific website if DNS services weren’t available. Instead, type the website’s name, which is easier to recall.

Essential elements of DNS:

  1. Domain Name Registration: A domain name registrar, an organization that keeps track of who owns which domains, must register each domain name.
  2. Web Servers: Web servers store the data that makes up your website, such as the text, images, and video.
  3. Website hosting: Website hosting companies offer you online access to the web servers you need, saving you the money and time it would take to buy and manage them yourself.
  4. Name Servers: The servers that run DNS software are known as name servers. Your website’s DNS information is stored on those name servers, which your DNS hosting company hosts and manages.

How can UnitedLayer help?

We provide DNS hosting services, which will simply host your DNS information for you. We provide the DNS services that tell computers where to find your website by acting as your DNS hosting provider.


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